O'NEILL'S - Specializing in insurance claim related repair and construction work

All related claims due to storm damage
  • Resealing of roofs
  • Replacing of barge/facia boards
  • Repair/replace roof trusses tiles/structures
  • Corrugated & IBR sheet replacment/repair & corrosion control
  • Erecting/repairing of palisade & electric fencing
  • Emptying of pools and cleaning after flooding in flood related areas

All related/valid claims due to geyser/pipe burst

  • Replacing of geyser/repairing of burst pipes
  • Remove and replace ceilings/cornices
  • Painting of walls where necessary
  • Replacing of wall & floor tiles (claims related) damage
  • Remove and replace carpets where necessary
  • Remove and replace wooden flooring where damaged

All electrical (lighting) damages or theft related claims to

  • Gate motors
  • Gate stations
  • Garage door motors
  • Borehole pumps